Absolutely, hemp is a 100% naturally-occurring chemical compound. Hemp extract is not synthetically made, making it a healthy and natural choice for your well being.
In general, Hemp is considered safe. According to many consumers, hemp has no significant side effects. That being said, it depends on how your body adapts to this compound. We recommend consulting your physician before using any hemp product.
Many people have already experienced amazing health benefits of hemp extract, including relief from anxiety and chronic pain, reduced number of seizures, overcoming insomnia, nausea , and acne, relief from arthritis, muscle , and joint pain, just to name a few. Additionally, hemp can help your pets in dealing with anxiety, stress , and other phobias.
You can call us, text us, send us a Facebook messenger chat, or scan the QR code that appears on the product you purchased. We’ve made it quick and easy to talk to our professional hemp experts about any questions you may have related to your hemp therapy.

Anyone can call us for a consultation at no cost and no obligation.

Our hemp experts are ready to receive your calls and offer their professional support through hemp treatments for a significant improvement of your overall wellbeing.

Our products are produced at high quality and we stand behind them 100%.
By taking our hemp extract products, combined with the advice of our hemp experts you will benefit from the most effective solution for any of the conditions you’re feeling such as insomnia, pain, sleep, anxiety and more.
We offer fast delivery via USPS which will reach you in 2-6 business days.
Please refer to our shipping policy for full details.


Here at MAXHEMP Wellness, we truly believe in the healing power of the hemp extract and the quality of our product. If you feel the product doesn’t work for you, our return policy allows you to return your open or used item. You’ll also be required to return your use diary, to ensure the product was used according to instructions. Please review our return policy for additional refund details, if you’re not 100% satisfied with your MAXHEMP Wellness product.

After use, if you feel our product doesn’t fit your needs please complete the following steps –

■ Contact our customer service team to let them know you’d like to return the product. They will provide you with the address to ship your return to.

■ Package the empty product and completed use diary, in a box or shipping envelope for shipment.

■ You must include order ID and customer’s Full Name on the package otherwise return will not be accepted.

Once MAXHEMP Wellness has received and confirmed your returned product, your money will be returned to the original payment method.

Yes! Our Trust-Max Program covers all products available in shop.

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